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Bayon Cereal Co., Ltd is created in purpose of trading products for both local and international markets. This company was found in 2007 and it has been being operated by Mr. Yon Sovann, CEO. Mr. Yon Sovann has experienced in agriculture business since 1997, especially rice and various cereal products. The official office of company is located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Kingdom of wonder. Bayon Cereal Co., Ltd have built strong relationship with local partners (Local rice miles) and international partners (Taiwan and Europe countries). With our experience and relationship between our partners and company, we could supply the needed of quantity products to buyers and provide the best prices with premium quality to them. To have more confidence in sending products to them, we provide Non-GMO products and its quality is controlled by inspectors, third party. The payment term is varies according to the buyers quests. We can offer both LC and TT.

Objective:  Bayon Cereal Co., Ltd seeks the benefits to local farmers by selling their products to local and international markets. This point, the GDP will be increased and they will have living standard too. Likewise the company also aims to be the most successful and well-known company by providing the best premium quality products and services to customers. Moreover, Bayon Cerreal Co., Ltd plans to increase economic in Cambodia and target to the top company of competition trading products in Cambodia to around the world.

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